I was born in Tolosa, in the Basque province of Gipuzkoa, where I lived until I was nineteen. Back then writing was already part of me and had won a prize at the local literary contest for writing a short story. After a year´s stay in London, I started Media Studies at the Basque CountryUniversity in Bilbao. My writing would turn soon into script-writing, as I went back to London to study Film&Video at City&East London College, where I wrote and shot several short films. Some of these are shown here, in a special edition for this website. Four years later, having finished my Media Studies Degree I wrote the TV sitcom Penelope-enea (idea and 13 parts), for Basque Television-ETB, which became my first work as a professional TV scriptwriter.

Goenkale ( first two seasons), Pocahontas II el regreso de John Smith (feature cartoon), 64 (sitcom), Vidas cruzadas(daily TVseries), El súper (daily TVseries), Alicia, Sorpresas te da la vida, Barrebusa (kids), Txikituko haut!, Teilatupean, Ellacuría, justicia pendiente (TV movie), Talo eta Lami (feature cartoon),are the titles of some of the fiction scripts I have written, including the feature film script projects Sinsky and Violent femme.

Two stage plays: Ezin Ihesi, Himalaya Blues.

Books: Gasolindegian (Alberdania, 2010) short story compilation in Basque language. Spanish translation: Todo es rojo (All is red,2012) by the same Publisher.

Itsasoa maleta batean liburua(Denonartean), or The sea inside the suitcase, book for children from age 8.

Katu hegoduna/La gata alada (the winged cat) (Sauré): comic script. Drawings by Joseba Larratxe.